• Create a Lasting Impression

    Beta concrete roof tiles area the lasting finish for any building

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  • Build to last

    The foundation of any great building is in its bricks

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Steve Jobs

As cliché as it may sound, time truly doesn’t stand still and that’s why at BETA Holdings we are constantly dedicated and wholly committed to staying ahead of all the competition by staying in touch and employing the latest and most current technologies in our production process.

The economic climate and scenario of Zimbabwe keeps changing meaning the exponential potential for the demand of construction inputs is also concurrently growing rapidly.

Being the largest brick and concrete roof tile supplier in the country, BETA Holdings finds itself in a uniquely interesting position with the opportunity to further solidify our position in the industry as the class leader we already are. Through innovation, technology and dynamic readiness to adapt to our clientele’s needs, our ever broadening spectrum of products that are key inputs in the construction industry make us top notch. Our bricks and tiles are also all accredited and endorsed by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and this continually ensures that our quality is second to none and will remain our ultimate benchmark.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Beta Concrete Roof Tiles

Create a lasting impression

Beta concrete roof tiles are the lasting finish for any building. Built for strength and durability, our concrete roof tiles not only look good, but thanks to our tile technology, they also last well over 100 years.

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Built To Last

The foundation of any great building is in its bricks.

Built for durability and strength you can rely on over time, Beta, the first step in building your own legacy.

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