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Our Logistics fleet keeps getting bigger, so we can serve you even BETA! We’ve introduced new Mercedes Actros trucks with capacity to carry smaller loads and navigate even rougher terrain. And new MAN tipper trucks to improve our mining operations. Have a look at a few of our new additions.

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Beta Holdings (Pvt Limited is a leading manufacturer of clay bricks, concrete roof tiles and other related products. Located in the Mount Hampden area where clay, the major raw material in brick manufacturing is locally available. Beta Holdings is the first clay brick manufacturer and concrete roof tile manufacturer in Zimbabwe to attain ISO certification for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 systems at once which shows our continued commitment to excellence.

The organisation has grown from strength to strength over the years. The need to provide the utmost safe and healthy work environment for the employees that leads to production of quality products and services led to the birthing of a management system within the organisation.

The pillars of the management systems being: SAFETY, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT AND QUALITY, gave insight and direction to the implementation of an integrated management system. An integration of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, Environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 was then implemented in the organisation. The result is a wholesome package for the employees, the customers and the various stakeholders.

The road……………… The journey to certification began in 2012 for Beta Holdings when the issue was discussed at the strategic meeting. Integrating the system meant all three systems got equal attention when one wanted to make a decision. The documentation was easier as we had to incorporate the requirements of all three systems at once. The challenge we faced was getting staff to embrace the documents required for all the three systems at once but through hard work and training, the Project Team was able to overcome this challenge.

Implementing and maintaining the integrated management system has called for a lot of hard work from various players in the organisation. Of particular mention are:

  • Project Team led by the SHEQ Manager Ms KP Ngorima
  • SHE Representatives
  • First aiders
  • System Auditors
  • Fire Marshals
  • Management and staff for embracing the system
  • SHEQ Department staff

The SHEQ department members worked closely with the project team, SHE Representatives, First Aiders and Fire Marshals teams established with representatives from all departments who would go on to champion the SHEQ issues in their departments. The members were part of the initial and critical documentation stages of the project that involved documenting hazards and aspects and establishing the available mitigation measures. Head of Departments and supervisors were instrumental in educating and transitioning from an informal to a formalised system of doing work that required procedures, records, minutes, and various training sessions. Throughout the project we were assisted by our consultant – Enviromark (comprising of Dr T Mazodza, MR C Dhliwayo, Ms P Mtombeni, Mr M Chadini)

The system was not easy to implement, but it was worth it as we have created a structure by which we can analyse our own decisions and document best practices. This helps us to ensure that our internal operations run smoothly and efficiently, which is vital in the current operating environment.

The certification…………….By achieving OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification, the organisation has demonstrated its commitment to identify risks and actively reduce them to the best of our ability. ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the organisation demonstrates the commitment of the organisation and the work to ensure quality bricks, tiles, delivery and all support services. The focus is utmost quality, customer satisfaction, traceability and continuous improvement.

Beta Holdings is committed to the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the ecosystem. ISO 14001: 2004 clearly requires defining and establishment of controls to reduce the organisation`s impact on the environment in its everyday operations. Certification therefore provides assurance to our stakeholders that we own up to our commitment as outlined by our SHEQ Policy to prevent pollution, a minimisation of waste and efficient use of raw material and energy.

In line with our policy statement our aim is to make quality products to satisfy the requirements of our customers whilst ensuring a healthy and safe environment for our employees and taking care of our environment.

At Beta Holdings, we aim to please our customers. Having carried out extensive research in early 2012,we know what you, our customers, want and need from us in order to have a satisfying experience.

The third quarter, will see a breath of fresh air blowing through Beta Holdings in our everyday operations, as we make adjustments and improvements for all our stakeholders both internally and externally. With so much happening all the time, we wish to announce to you, two of our current projects: The launch of our logistics division and the unveiling of our new cleaner modern logo.

Today is an extremely proud day for all of us at Beta, a new day for us all. We are excited to announce the Beta Logistics Division. We are in the final stages of creating this new exciting venture. The Beta Logistics Division will be operating in the third quarter of 2012, yet another move forward to ensure that all our business operations are seamless and meet our customer needs and expectations. Efficient, high quality, cost effective products and services.

Logistics operations are ultimately a differentiating factor for any business and this is why we have taken this direction. The Beta Holdings Group we understands that logistics management is a crucial part of any supply chain which; plans, implements and controls the efficient and effective movement of goods.

In our ongoing bid to ensure that we provide a seamless supply chain to all our customers; the Beta Logistics division will be an arm of the business, which supports all transportation needs, from collection and delivery of raw materials to the delivery of the final product to the consumer.

The Beta Logistics Division will operate using pre-wrapped pallets of 5000 bricks with modified Bell Loggers (grabbers) allowing our customers to order their specified number of bricks and having them loaded in an efficient and timely manner, no more individually loaded bricks, no more hours of waiting
for your bricks to be loaded and dispatched.

Beta Logistics has gone one step further than simply buying trucks for transportation, in order to ensure our customer satisfaction, all our trucks will have a fleet management system which will translate to customers getting their delivery not long after it has been dispatched. The routes and movements of the delivery trucks will be monitored to ensure that the packages will not take any detours. With satellite surveillance on all our trucks, should there be an unforeseen delay or problem; a phone call from the Logistics Division will inform you where your delivery is and the reason for the delay. A team of well-trained and skilled mechanics and drivers will ensure that Beta Logistics vehicles will be road worthy and reliable; allowing for the prompt and safe delivery of all material and products. Our qualified team of fleet managers and inventory specialists, will ensure that we will be able to handle more cargo, reduce pilferage and breakages.

As we take control of our logistics and create a meaningful contribution to our customers, we are taking responsibility for the cost and quality of our products. We look forward to the day when all our customers will enjoy the benefits of good quality, cost effective delivery of their purchases. As our trucks get ready to move out onto the road we are branding them with our updated logo. No, we do not have a new logo, what we have is our logo, only Beta! We have made it cleaner, streamlined and more modern, in line with our company progression as a whole. Our logo, is our voice in the visual world and we felt that it needed to be more in line with who we are today and who we are working to be tomorrow. We know that an updated brand is not going to change our company overnight; all we want is for, you, our customer, to know that we have heard all that you said to us and about us and are working on rectifying our weaknesses and polishing up our strengths.

As we implement all the various systems to ensure that you get the best quality product and service, we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to be a company our customers deserve, a Beta Company not just the best company. We think we are getting this done, one step at a time and our updated logo represents this. What do you think? We are looking forward to your feedback so please do let us know what you think the next time you are in our sales room.

Our Beta clay bricks are a durable and versatile building material for walls, patios, and other structures. Given the long-lasting nature of bricks, buyers should be sure to get the most out of this investment by choosing the right bricks for the job. One of the most important things to consider when buying bricks is to match the brick to where it will be used. Another important tip involves picking the right type of brick for structural, decorative, or ground work. Finally, buyers should consider the appearance of the brick, including its profile, colour, and numerous other aesthetic properties.

The biggest mistake one can make when buying bricks is choosing the wrong type of brick for the job. Indoor bricks used in an outdoor patio are destined to fail, resulting in wasted time and money. Interior-grade bricks should only be used indoors, and builders should stick with specially crafted fire bricks when constructing a fireplace or fire pit. Another mistake buyers make is purchasing bricks that are not SAZ (Standards Association of Zimbabwe) certified, and SAZ certification means that the product has been certified in terms of safety an reliability and gives a guarantee that the product is being manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring and provides protection against inferior or sub-standard products.

To ensure the brick will fit the project, people buying bricks should look for units meant for specific types of applications. For example, bricks with holes cut through the centre are known as structural bricks, and are used for constructing interior or exterior walls. These holes reduce the weight of the brick in applications where the top of the brick will be hidden from view. Our Beta ‘load-bearing’ bricks are highly recommended as foundation bricks or for other load bearing construction. Beta bricks’ strength in terms of moisture resistance and compression is un-paralleled and this is important as this is a key the pillar of construction. Beta ‘pavers’ are designed for patios, walkways, and other hardscapes.

When buying bricks, homeowners have a wide variety of options in terms of colours, textures, and finishes at Beta, we have a wise array that suit any and all needs. When attempting to match existing brick, it’s best to take a sample along for comparison. Given the different types of brick sizing, it is very easy to purchase a standard brick size, then realize that the existing bricks don’t match. Even slight variations in colour can be hard to spot without a sample on hand.

Brick and mortar colour, size, texture, and type of bond, will all impact on the aesthetics of the brickwork.

This will also dictate what ‘type’ of brick you choose. Beta bricks are made of clay: clay is an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable option for modern construction, its natural properties provide complete, long-term sustainability, not only offering increasingly sophisticated low-carbon product manufacture, but giving a building life of up to 150 years with little or no maintenance.

Before committing to a purchase:

request samples
try to see a finished property in the brick you are buying
ask your bricklayer or builder to build a small sample wall (commonly a 60-brick panel, which tends to be 1m2 in size) so you can see the bricks laid, the bricklayer’s standard of work, and it will give the bricklayers a reference of what they are working towards.

Beta Logistics delivers your bricks in state-of-the art gps-enabled trucks-packed in pallets to ensure your bricks are secure, arrive undamaged and on time. Customers must make sure that the batches are stored on a hard standing to avoid bricks collapsing.

Note that it is not uncommon for the colours to vary slightly between each batch, so it’s wise to have your bricklayer mix the bricks within each batch to avoid any colour banding within the brickwork.

The appearance of brickwork will be primarily down to the pattern in which the bricks are laid, also known as ‘bonds’. The style of home you are building will depend on the type of bond you select.

Finally, when hiring bricklayers ask:

what their experience is
whether this is on smaller domestic projects or large-scale developments
the kinds of bricks they’re most familiar with
which bonds they have the most experience in laying

Bricklayers most often work in gangs of three (two bricklayers and one labourer), and their work will involve everything from bricklaying to blockwork, installing insulation, wall ties, damp-proof courses, and building in joinery. This is why it’s very important to hire the right people for the job

The Clinic is situated in Mount Hampden a stones throw away from the Beta Brickfields. It services the Beta employees as well as the entire local community.
In a bid to ensure the health of the community we at Beta have arranged a Doctor to attend to the patients on a weekly basis. This cost is covered entirely by Beta as our contribution to the well being of the community.

BETA Logistics Update

It is with delight that we announce and update you all on the growing strength and presence in the market of BETA Logistics…read more in our monthly BETA Bulletin PDF Newsletter

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