Who Are We

Beta Holdings is the largest clay brick and concrete roof tile supplier in Zimbabwe.

Company History

The Beta Holdings Group traces its origin from Alpha Bricks, a company established in 1953 to manufacture bricks in the Mount Hampden area. In 1991 the company changed ownership and its name to Beta Holdings, a name, which is now a well recognized brand in Zimbabwe’s construction sector and is synonymous with quality, value for money and customer focus. The group brand portfolio includes Beta Bricks and Beta Tiles. In 2003, there was another change of ownership with the introduction of indigenous shareholders who have strengthened the shareholder base and directorate and hence have been responsible for the current growth of the group.

The Beta Holdings Group is still headquartered in Mount Hampden, employing up to 600 staff throughout our operating companies. As part of our regional growth strategy , Beta Holdings now operates in Zambia through Kumalinga Trading in Lusaka.

Beta Today

We are dedicated to employing the latest technologies and committed to driving further efficiencies in the production of all our products. These are the building blocks behind our success. Our clay bricks and concrete roof tiles are made to keep their aesthetic and structural integrity and as members of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, the quality of all our products is guaranteed.

Often your first point of contact within the construction industry, we are making your construction projects that much more effective by introducing additional value added products and services within the construction process.
In 2011 we introduced our roof tile plant. This is just one of the ways in which we are providing our loyal and growing customer base with a seamless supply of inputs for all their construction projects.

Our three main operating units are:

Clay brick production:
We have the capacity to produce up to 160 million bricks per annum, spread over 15 types.

Concrete roof tile production:
We have an annual production capacity of 8 million tiles on the Mendip and Double Roman tile profiles which come in a variety of colours.

Logistics and transportation:
This division is dedicated to managing the Beta Group supply chain process.