1. Introduction

BETA Concrete, a subsidiary of BETA Holdings, the parent company to Zimbabwe’s largest clay brick manufacturer is expanding its operations. BETA Holdings also incorporates BETA Bricks and BETA Logistics. The company is the first brick manufacturing entity in Zimbabwe to receive certification for integrated ISO management systems: ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). All BETA products are also approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

In line with the Group’s strategic vision to become the market leader in the supply of key infrastructural inputs in Zimbabwe and the region, BETA Concrete has identified and procured granite claims in Goromonzi West for the purposes of establishing an aggregates quarry.

The claims are nestled in the Svisva range of mountains in Goromonzi West, 40kms from Harare. The company’s resource consists of two “Special Block’ granite claims measuring 98 hectares and 150-hectares, which both more than satisfactorily meet test requirements for both surfacing and concrete works. The Goromonzi West granite deposit has the capacity to produce high quality aggregates with reserves the resource base on both claims estimated to have a lifespan of over 100 years. To this end BETA is strategically positioned to become the biggest quarry supplier to Harare and surrounding areas in the medium to long term (See Arial Map below).

The claim’s location away from the City gives the site a competitive edge over its main competitors who face the imminent risk of closure in the medium to long term future due to conflict with the fast growing urban settlements and economic resource depletion.

2. BETA Concrete Aggregates Market Demand Overview

With no ground breaking additional capacities on the horizons, the possibility of new entrants in the aggregate sector remains low especially in light of the scarcity of economic aggregate reserves in and around Harare. The need for new infrastructure development and maintenance of existing highways and urban road networks is now taking centre stage of the country’s economic turn-around. The proposed shift by government from the traditional bitumen roads to concrete paved roads should stimulate further demand for aggregates on a phenomenal scale.

3. Description of the Project

Parameters Description
Type of Project Aggregates mining and processing plant
Capacity of the Project 620 million tonnes of aggregates
Geographic Location

The total distance from Harare CBD to the site is 37km.

Nearest Road Harare- Shamva highway

4. Key Project Enablers

In order to successfully commission the factory, BETA has identified the following as key enablers for the project.

Enabler Specification Responsible

The nearby lake will supply all water requirements for the aggregate plant, dust suppression systems and its workers. Beta will take the necessary steps to obtain Borehole water abstraction permit from the Zimbabwe National Water authority for drawing from the underground water.


12.2 km from the Chabwino farm turn off to site is wide gravel road requiring refurbishment, widening and construction of a culvert bridge.


3 x11 KVA lines and 1 MVA Transformer



5. BETA Concrete Aggregates Value Proposition

BETA Aggregates is anchored on a technology driven, locked in system centred on best products and providing a total customer solution.

BETA Aggregates will have a distinct competitive advantage over industry rivals through a unique and superior finish resulting from the latest (VSI) technology for an enhanced final product finish.

6. Resource Estimate and Production Capacity

The total surface extent of the target area of the claim is 250 hectares. At a minimum mining depth of 50 metres, with a specific gravity (SG) of 3.8, the resource is estimated to yield more than 620 million tonnes of high quality aggregates over its lifespan.

Production capacity of the plant based on aggregate size is as follows:

Aggregate Size (mm)

Output mt/hr

-25mm +19mm 39
-19mm +13.2mm 33

-13.2 +6.75mm 59
-6.75 +0mm 114


Total Installed Capacity = 250 T/H
Optimum throughput = 230 T/H
2.41 Metric Tonnes = 1 Cubic Met

7. Total Investment

BETA Concrete will be investing between US$6-8 million directly towards the establishment of the Aggregates plant. This will go towards the acquisition of the processing plant including the Vertical Shaft Impactor , ancillary equipment such as excavators, front end loaders and grabbers, as well as for infrastructure.

8. Employment Creation and Social Responsibility

At full capacity BETA will create over 100 new jobs for the surrounding community. The offshoot business from having a vibrant mining operation in the area is also expected to result in a number of downstream business such that the local community will benefit socially and economically from the establishment of BETA Aggregates mining and processing plant.

The Group will also be extending its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in Education, Health and Environmental Management within the community.

BETA Aggregates has already invested nearly half a million dollars towards an access road and bridge to the site, which road already benefits the community. The company intends to partner with the relevant local authorities in the maintenance of other local roads that link the project site to the main Harare Shamva -Highway. The company will also support the local clinic to ensure that it can accommodate the additional numbers stemming from the establishment of the business. In addition, BETA will also support local schools financially and materially in order to improve facilities to cater for increased enrollment emanating from the new workforce.

9. Environmental Impact

BETA Holdings is cognisant of the environmental impact of its operations and is committed to investing in sustainable environmental management programmes. BETA has already started implementing programmes to reduce the negative impact of its operations on the environment, whilst the company has also extended various ISO 18001 initiatives adopted at its bricks, tiles and concrete plants such as land reclamation and the BETA Environmental Education Programme to the new operation.

10. Project Implementation

The construction phase is expected to take between 6 – 9 months. The project is expected to be commissioned in the last quarter of 2018.

Activity Date
Securing of claims Dec 2017
Access Road and Access Bridge Apr 2018
Electricity supply and commissioning April 2018
All administrative licensing and registration April 2018
Civils Jun 2018
Staff housing and workshop Jul 2018
Mining Aug 2018
Plant installation Aug 2018
Commercial production Oct 2018





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