Exciting month at Beta

Welcome to the June 2012 Beta page. This month is an exciting month for us here at Beta Holdings,as we move into the tail end of the second quarter of this year we have even more to look forward
to. At Beta Holdings, we aim to please our customers. Having carried out extensive research in early 2012, we know what you, our customers, want and need from us in order to have a satisfying experience. The third quarter, will see a breath of fresh air blowing through Beta Holdings in our everyday operations, as we make adjustments and improvements for all our stakeholders both internally and externally. With so much happening all the time, we wish to announce to you, two of our current projects: The launch of our logistics division and the unveiling of our new cleaner modern logo. Today is an extremely proud day for all of us at Beta, a new day for us all. We are excited to announce the Beta Logistics Division. We are in the final stages of creating this new exciting venture. The Beta Logistics Division will be ope ating in the third quarter of 2012, yet another move forward to ensure that all our business operations are seamless and meet our customer needs and expectations. Efficient, high quality, cost effective products and services.




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