Terms & Conditions


  1. Beta refers to any company or subsidiary of Beta International.
  2. All sales are strictly on cash basis unless where specific credit terms have been granted in writing.
  3. Product swops are acceptable as long as products are within the available and existing BETA product range.
  4. All quotations and quoted prices are valid for 24 hours only. A written price confirmation of must be obtained from Sales for payments made after the lapse of the 24-hour period. Quoted prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Where a discount has been given, payments must be made within 24 hours. Upon the lapse of the 24 hours, BETA HOLDINGS reserves the right to revise discount terms without notice.
  6. Once an order has been partially or fully paid and confirmed, BETA HOLDINGS will immediately proceed to manufacture product as per order. No refunds will be accepted after manufacture of product.
  7. Prices include V.A.T where applicable.
  8. Products will only be dispatched on presentation of a valid BETA HOLDINGS receipt.
  9. Product can only be collected after confirmation of receipt of payment into BETA bank account. Immediate collection is only possible on cash sales.
  10. Transport will be charged based on the prevailing rate on the date of collection. In the event of a variation between transport charges on date of payment for transport services and the actual collection date, customers will be required to pay the difference before delivery of product.
  11. Where a customer opts to use a third-party transporter for collection of product, the third-party transporter shall be required to provide BETA with the original invoice, a copy of the customer’s valid identification document (passport, national ID, valid driver’s licence) and letter of authorization from the purchasing customer. BETA will not be held liable for any breakages, losses and prejudice resulting from the use of third-party transporters.
  12.  Whilst every effort is made to produce a consistent colour of bricks/tiles, variation in shade is a natural feature of these products. No claims of colour variation will be accepted.
  13.  Upon delivery to a customer site and signed acknowledgement of receipt of product by the customer or his representative, or departure from BETA premises in the case of third-party transportation, all risks and rewards associated with BETA products are transferred to the customer.
  14.  Complaints must be lodged within 72 hours of receipt of product.
  15. BETA policy on roof tiles is to fix and supply after assessment of the roof tiles by BETA accredited tillers. In exceptional circumstances customers may use their own tilers. In such instances where customers use their own tilers, BETA will not be held liable for any damages made to tiles and trusses during or after installation.
  16. All products purchased must be collected within 6 months from the date of purchase unless there is prior confirmed written arrangement. Storage charges at prevailing market rates will be levied after the 6 months lapse.
  17. The customer authorizes Beta to collect and process personal information in the manner required by the laws applicable in the jurisdiction where trade is conducted.
  18. Customer agrees that neither BETA nor its affiliates shall be liable for any costs, loss, liability, expenses or damages (special or otherwise) suffered by the customer or third party which arises directly or indirectly from any action or omission by Beta pursuant to the terms of these provisions.
  19. Beta reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notice.


Please be advised that BETA is a Data Processor in terms of the Data Protection Act [Chapter 11:12] (the “Act”). BETA collects information on suppliers and customers for business processing in compliance with the Act and all regulations thereunder. Suppliers and customers may withdraw consent for data processing at any time in writing by email at dpa@beta.co.zw

For further information, kindly contact the BETA Holdings Data Officer on +263 86 77 000 406.